Pharmacy Management

Arc31 Pharmacy Management supports the portfolio of pharmacies owned by Arc31 founders Cathie Reid and Stuart Giles.

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As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, we understand the importance of having a dedicated team to provide governance and leadership to our pharmacies.

Arc31 PM ensures that our pharmacies operate at the highest level of excellence and continue to provide exceptional care to our patients. Allowing us to bring new and innovative ideas to our pharmacies and help us to continue to be at the forefront of the healthcare industry.

We look forward to the exciting journey ahead and the positive impact that Arc31 PM will have on our pharmacies and the communities they serve.

Arc31 manages their investments in a variety of portfolio companies and funds, with each investment selected for its potential to create value greater than just financial.

The Arc31 Pharmacy Management team

Ellisha Vas

Operations Manager

Lish is an accomplished pharmacy professional with over 20 years of experience in the industry, driven by her passion for patient care and innovation. Beginning her career as a pharmacy technician, she quickly moved into management, spending almost a decade honing her skills and earning a Diploma in Business Administration. Lish has since expanded her expertise to include pharmacy compliance, auditing, and compounding, and has been a pioneer in developing innovative pharmacy service models that prioritize patient needs.

Throughout her career, Lish has been an unwavering mentor to her team members, fostering talent and promoting professional growth. Her proactive partnerships with healthcare organizations have earned her a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable healthcare professional.

Recently, Lish has broadened her horizons and acquired fresh leadership and management perspectives while working as a General Manager in the building and construction industry with her family business. She is excited to bring these insights to her new role at Arc31 Pharmacy Management and deliver exceptional pharmacy services for teams, clients, and patients.

Lish's commitment to core values and patient care is unmatched, and her infectious passion for people and the healthcare industry will undoubtedly be a driving force in her role at Arc31. Her guidance and dedication to innovation and improvement guarantees that her team will continue to provide outstanding care.


Chris Giles

Chief Pharmacist

After starting his career in public hospital and oncology clinical pharmacy services, Chris diversified into residential aged care medication management before returning to hospital practice in the private sector.

Over the next seven years Chris gained broad clinical management experience across large metropolitan tertiary and smaller regional hospitals. Chris then went on to be a founding member of a pharmacy safety and quality unit (established by Stuart as the first of its kind in Australian private hospitals). There, he honed his clinical governance skills, developing innovative ways to ensure the safety and quality of patient care. In recent years Chris led the unit’s day-to-day operations and completed postgraduate study in health service management, before a desire to return to a clinical management role with greater direct impact in patient care coincided with an opportunity as Arc31’s Chief Pharmacist.

Always eager to contribute more broadly to contemporary healthcare, Chris has provided private hospital pharmacy expertise to numerous government and professional practice consultations, including as a co-author of some of the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) national standards of practice. He currently holds a Specialty Practice Leadership Committee position in Medication Safety with SHPA.